March 2019

Mastermind – Part 1

Thoughts are powerful—especially the ones you think about yourself. Are you telling yourself the truth about who you’re created to be? Learn how to take your thoughts captive with us as we start a brand-new series, Mastermind.


“Shift” – Worship Leader, Mike Martin, challenges us to shift our thinking when it comes to our Christianity.

February 2019

Exponential – Part 3

“Exponential – Part 3”  – “The Kingdom of Heaven is like…” Jesus starts many parables with this sentence. Today, we look at the Parable of the Talents, and how it relates to our Exponential Reward.

Exponential – Part 2

“Exponential – Part 2” – Pastor Andrew shares a prophetic and challenging message for us from Luke 5.

January 2019

Exponential – Part 1

“Exponential – Part 1” – What can God do with one single seed planted in faith?