September 2018

WWJU? – Part 2

“WWJU – Part 2” We were created to worship. So, what is it that Jesus would undo about our worship today?

WWJU? – Part 1

In this series we ask the question, What Would Jesus Undo? Listen as we tackle our first issue in Part 1 of the series.

Ruth – Part 5 Love’s Reward

Today, we finally answer the question everyone’s been asking… Does Boaz get his girl? Listen to the conclusion of The Book of Ruth!

Ruth – Part 4, Love’s Request

“Ruth – Part 4 – In Chapter 3, we see some questionable advice from Naomi and a beautiful response from Boaz. Does their relationship continue to progress? Will they or won’t they get together in the end? Click for part 4 of The Book of Ruth.

August 2018

Ruth – Part 3 – Love’s Response Continued

Today, we continue in Chapter 2 of Ruth. Boaz continues to show his favor and kindness to Ruth, and we begin to see the bigger picture in this little love story.