June 2019

Relationship Goals – Part 2

What if one of your relationship goals was to have a goal? This weekend, let’s see why the strongest relationships are the ones that are always on a mission. #relationshipgoals

May 2019

Relationship Goals – Part 1

In this message we looked at how to center your relationship around a consistent example of what love should look like.

What’s Next – Part 4

Today, we wrap up our What’s Next series asking this question: Do you KNOW GOD? The answer may surprise you. Click the link above to listen.

What’s Next – Part 3

What Jesus went through on the cross was meant for more than for you to just go to heaven. Listen to Part 3 of What’s Next to help us Find Freedom through the power of the cross!

What’s Next – Part 2

Have you discovered your God given purpose? The Bible tells of 4 primary ways God shows us our purpose. Click now to listen to Part 2 of What’s Next.