May 2019

What’s Next – Part 4

Today, we wrap up our What’s Next series asking this question: Do you KNOW GOD? The answer may surprise you. Click the link above to listen.

What’s Next – Part 3

What Jesus went through on the cross was meant for more than for you to just go to heaven. Listen to Part 3 of What’s Next to help us Find Freedom through the power of the cross!

What’s Next – Part 2

Have you discovered your God given purpose? The Bible tells of 4 primary ways God shows us our purpose. Click now to listen to Part 2 of What’s Next.

April 2019

What’s Next? – Part 1

We are all on a journey, more specifically, a spiritual journey. Today, we start a series asking the question… What’s Next?

Easter 2019

Easter 2019 – Jesus didn’t come to make bad people good, he came to make dead people alive! Click to listen to P. Andrew’s Easter message: “This Changes Everything!”